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2023-11 Dhamma Phala Newsletter – The new Dhamma Hall construction is about to start! Over the month of October and November two more courses have been completed. A NEW ONE DAY COURSE has been added to the schedule on December 23rd, 2023. A kitchen committee is now being formed to help make it easier to make simple and delicious vegetarian food for the students and servers. The property committee is busy with the new Dhamma hall project, plus fixing power issues, repairing water lines, and more. There are plenty of service opportunities available for those interested. Read Newsletter >>>


2022-07 Dhamma Phala Newsletter – Dhamma Phala is happy to continue offering virtual group sittings every day and hopes to start offering courses soon with Old Student support. Courses are currently on hold until we can fix the termite damage to the facilities. Some buildings have been repaired, but there are still some buildings that are unsafe to occupy at this time. Any dana given will go to help fix up the facilities and resume courses. Learn more below in the Center Development Section of the newsletter.