About the Center

Dhamma Phala, which means “Fruition of Dhamma”, is located in Tiaong Quezon on a secluded 3 hectares property about 2.5 hours (around 100 km) south of Metro Manila near the mountains of Maculot, Banahaw and San Cristobal. The center opened in October 2018 and is one of over 180 international centers where the technique of Vipassana meditation is taught and practiced.

The property is set in a beautiful agricultural area with hilly terrain, has an abundance of tropical fruit-bearing trees (coconut, mango, banana, rambutan, etc.), and there is a creek that acts as a natural boundary. This rural area provides a peaceful atmosphere, which is ideal for learning meditation.


  • Separate Male and Female dormitories
  • 4 Common Bathrooms (2 Males, 2 Females)
  • Kitchen
  • Main Meditation Hall
  • Mini Hall
  • Separate Rooms for Male and Female Teachers
  • Rooms for the Servers
  • Parking Area